How do I add items to my Wishlist?

Adding items to your Wishlist is as easy as adding them to a shopping cart. You can only add items to a Wishlist that you have created.

A great place to start your search is on our main GIVE page. There you can browse by situation, product category or recipient. You can also search products from the search bar.

Once you are logged in, and have created a page with a Wishlist, simply click the "+" symbol, found on product tiles and product pages:


On Product Tiles:
Click the "+" icon that appears when your mouse hovers over the tile. This adds it to your wishlist. Click it again to remove the item from your Wishlist:

Product Page:
Click the ADD TO WISHLIST button next to the ADD TO CART or BUY NOW button:


If you organize multiple Give InKind Pages, clicking the ADD button will present you with a pop-up menu of all of your pages to select which Wishlist to add to. Add to as many Wishlists as you'd like.

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