How do I add to and edit my calendar?

The Care Calendar is the central feature for many Give InKind Pages. It's a way to communicate to supporters, the exact days, times and types of support that are needed, and a way for supporters to easily claim those items.

For Calendars set up after to January 4th, 2019:

Our Care Calendar works much the same as any calendar software, such as Google Calendar.

Upon completing the CREATE process, you land on your page with an empty calendar.

Add items by clicking either add button: 

A form appears:

Enter details, and whether or not the item is needed on a recurring basis.

Click Save to finish and return to the calendar, or click SAVE & ADD MORE if you'd like to enter additional items.

Edit Items by clicking the item's row. The same form appears, allowing you to make changes and save. If editing a recurring item, you will be asked if you're making changes to the single instance of that item, or the entire series of that recurring item.



For Calendars set up prior to January 4th, 2019:

Once you have set up a Give InKind page, you are that page's Organizer. Page Organizers are presented with orange edit icons on their Give InKind Pages. These icons are in abundance on the Care Calendar, letting you edit the calendar on a whole, or on a daily basis.


Clicking the icon next to the Care Calendar title brings up essentially the same options you were presented with when creating the page. Here you can add/delete/change any meal, help, days or times you'd like, on a weekly basis. Click SAVE after making your changes to update your calendar. Any changes here will be applied to the remainder of your calendar's days, with the exception of days you have edited individually – explained next...


Clicking an edit icon under a date in the calendar will allow you to edit that day's meal and help requests. Here you add/delete/change any meal, help, or times you'd like for that specific day. Click SAVE after making your changes to update your calendar. Changes made here will not be effected by changes made to the calendar on a weekly bases.


Items that you have claimed to give will appear in the Calendar with a pencil icon in the top right. Click to edit time or any custom text you may have entered. You can also unclaim that meal or help, and it will be returned to the calendar. This icon/feature is available to all users, not just Page Organizers.


The Care Calendar is in it's infancy, and may lack the exact feature-set required for your situation. We'd love to know what's missing (use the feedback button on, but we also want you to know what's in the works, just to make sure we're not already working on the solution.

Future functionality includes:

  • Ability to edit all items on calendars you are the organizer of, not just ones you have claimed to give.
  • GIVE Pet Care multiple times per day
  • GIVE Transportation
  • Setting up request date ranges, instead of having to edit day-by-day or reschedule manually, say if you needed 2 weeks of a meal or service, as an exception to the over-arcing schedule.
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